What is Deckmarine?

Deckmarine manufactures anti-skid covers for all types of boats, from yachts to paddle surfboards.

Our product is completely manufactured in Spain and can be distributed all over the world. Our decks provide an exceptional traction surface, which reduces the fatigue caused by a long stay on rough decks or hard platforms.

Deckmarine also protects your boat's deck against scratches, chips or dents. In addition, thanks to the manufacturing process, you will be able to fully customize your deck, from the color of the material to including your company logo.


Our covers are made from a non-absorbent, closed-cell PE base, specifically formulated to withstand the elements. In addition, it is more resistant to UV rays and maintains the temperature better than traditional EVA foam covers.

It is a maintenance-free material that is easily cleaned with soap and a stiff brush. Thanks to its low maintenance and the quality of the material, your Deckmarine cover will last for long periods of time on your boat, with its own 24-month warranty.

The installation of the Deckmarine cover is very simple. The pieces are adhered to the deck with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is pre-applied to the pieces.

Deck Installation